Jeff is a proponent of a less dense city, with fewer apartments, to make sure we maintain the quality of life our residents moved here for - with ample parks, world-class amenities, and a relief from gridlock on our roads.


Jeff wants to see quality over quantity developments, and has consistently championed unique design with incorporated open space and walkability that creates the dynamic experiences needed to attract Fortune 100 employers, unique retail, and destination dining.


Commitment to public safety has always been Priority #1 for Frisco, and myself whilst helping lead our city. This has been made evident by the Frisco Fire Department earning their ISO 1 Rating, an honor only 36 cities in the US have attained, and the Frisco Police Department completing its voluntary CALEA assessment. Developed by The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, CALEA requires an in-depth review and audit of every aspect of the department's organization, management, operations, and administration, against a body of 479 nationally recognized professional standards.


As proven by my tenure on Frisco City Council, I will continue my commitment to giving Frisco Police and Fire departments the resources they require to keep our community safe. I was proud to support the construction of Fire Stations 7 and 8 as a Council priority, even in the midst of an economic downturn.  We also worked to establish SAFER, a partnership with FISD, which earned the prestigious ESRI President’s Award. Situational Awareness For Emergency Response (or S.A.F.E.R.) is a unique program that gives Frisco firefighters, EMTs, and police officers immediate access to school building information -- including ‘real time’ video – while heading to campus emergencies at any of the district’s schools.


I was also proud to lead the charge to give the Police and Fire Associations a voice in City Hall, resulting in a more cooperative spirit and higher morale.


My background as a CPA and Registered Investment Adviser has given me the necessary tools to steer the City of Frisco toward fiscally conservative budgets, even during economic downturns. As a homeowner, and a businessman, I fully understand the importance of a low tax rate while maintaining a higher quality of city services.


As Chair of the Budget and Audit Committee, I led our board with a focus on a diversified tax base through tourism, retail, business, and commercial growth.  These types of strategic investments with our Economic Development Corporation as well as other public/private and FISD partnerships, are what has allowed us to deliver high caliber city services at a low tax rate.


During my time on City Council, we were able to reduce the debt portion of our budget each year while growing a capital reserve fund to over $10 million; something we were told could not be done. Carefully navigating the economic downturn positioned Frisco to take advantage of opportunities at the upturn -- the results we are now seeing through the development of the $5 billion mile and more.


As a Realtor in the community for the last 14 years, I have learned first hand the quality development our residents are looking for. I have a passion to steer Frisco away from the typical “cookie-cutter” grid designs. My goal is to encourage more master-planned communities that bring unique designs and interesting architecture. These designs are more sustainable and will help make Frisco a destination for generations to come.


I feel neighborhoods should incorporate a sense of entrance, more walk-able trails and open space, and take advantage of our natural amenities. I have championed more curvilinear street plans, cul-de-sacs, and residential projects that encourage a sense of community and promote healthy lifestyles.


The undeveloped northern areas of our city have many natural characteristics including creeks and elevation changes. I feel these areas should be protected for larger lots and unique neighborhood concepts. I am committed to creating neighborhoods that will maintain their appeal for generations.


I have long been an advocate for reducing our apartments in Frisco and even stood before Little Elm City Council to try to prevent an excess of building along our border. I feel apartments should be restricted to mixed-use developments such as Frisco Square, Wade Park, and Frisco Junction. In these environments, they are typically more thoughtfully and sustainable constructed, and are more desirable, with access to favorable amenities. Furthermore, this helps to create a customer base for the adjacent businesses.  Stand-alone garden-style apartments add little value to our community and are less desirable for those seeking to rent. While there is zoning already in place, I will continue to pursue creative ways to eliminate any new construction of this type of complex.


In 1991, Frisco voters made the commitment to use sales tax revenue for economic development. This commitment has assisted with recruitment of much of what you see in Frisco today including Stonebriar Mall and all of our office and commercial locations. In addition to continuing these efforts, my focus will be to attract a Fortune 100 company as well as other brand employers to fill the $5 Billion mile.


As a steward of your tax dollars, I am also passionate about getting something in return for our investments. Rather than allocating them toward simply increasing density, I would like to see them used to facilitate more unique commercial design that incorporates green space and other amenities that our residents are requesting.


Ensuring we have available inventory of a variety of office space will assist in our recruitment. Recent regional mixed-use projects such as The Star, Frisco Junction, and Wade Park will allow for the Fortune 100 recruitment. More Class “A” office space will help us attract established brands. Lastly, having Class B space will attract our growing companies that our incubator programs are trying to help flourish.


Winning Stonebriar Mall on Frisco’s side of 121 was a huge triumph for Frisco. I know how important it is to have that same victory along 380, our northern border. Protecting the sales tax and economic development on the Frisco side of 380 will be a priority of mine.


Frisco lowers the tax burden on our residents by generating tax revenue from visitors to our community.  One of my main goals is for Frisco to be a destination city. We have terrific venues, great shopping, and many activities to bring people from all over the metroplex and outside of the region. My goal would be to recruit a destination-style hotel and other destination opportunities to continue this success.


It is critical Frisco creates commercial clusters, starting with the $5 Billion mile to the south, developing a strong central core with Frisco Square and the Historic Downtown, and winning prime development along 380. My real estate background has played a critical role in our development thus far and my experience can help shape the future of our development landscape. Protecting the 380 corridor to ensure the most appealing developments are on the Frisco side will be a critical success factor for Frisco’s future.


I would like to see an emphasis on bringing vitality back to Downtown Frisco. I believe that is going to happen by bringing adjacent developments that will join the newest area of Frisco Square across the railroad tracks to Historic Downtown. As that continues to happen, developers will begin reinvesting in the historic parts of Frisco bringing vitality to the area while maintaining our small town feel.


I am passionate about our developments being unique and bursting with character.  I am a proponent of creating more walk-able designs with incorporated open space. I have worked diligently on demanding our developers push boundaries. We want more dynamic patio dining with great views and unique spaces. I want to see more boutique shops and restaurants that are unique to Frisco.  As a small business owner myself, I want Frisco to create an environment where those businesses can thrive.


Over the years, Frisco has done a great job bringing destinations such as Toyota Stadium, Dr Pepper Stadium and Stars Center, and The Star. Now I would like to see more commercial development surround these amenities to create thriving entertainment districts in Frisco.


While Frisco has certainly grown a well-deserved reputation for excellence in sports, our facilities allow us to bring much more to Frisco than just sports. We have the benefit of terrific concert venues bringing major talent, and shows, right here in our backyard. I would love to see a live music venue that would help bring energy and vitality to a commercial development.


As a community of excellence, Frisco has long known the importance of incorporating arts and culture to help round out the city. Our commitment to this was shown through investments in the Black Box Theater, the Frisco Association of the Arts, and visual components such as the Public Art projects and the aesthetics of our street sign way-winding programs. In addition - and innovatively - Frisco has begun using roundabouts to create “gifts to the street” through landscape and public art in the roadways.


Our Frisco Arts community is also very passionate about bringing a facility to Frisco. While studies are on going to discover the best fit for Frisco, I feel the best way to make this dream a reality is to follow the success model of a public-private partnership that is privately funded and operated.  I also believe such a facility would be best served as a traffic draw to a larger commercial development. This type of dynamic facility can help anchor a unique commercial development and entertainment district to the benefit of all.


I feel strongly that our city is not just a collection of buildings, roads, or houses – it is defined by our citizens. We currently spend a great deal of time each year interviewing candidates for our boards and commissions. Each year, I am amazed at the level of talent and willingness to serve our community that is shown by all of these Frisco citizens. Due to the limited number of positions open each year, many qualified candidates are not appointed each year. I want to continue to find ways to keep these citizens plugged in and contributing to our city that we all love.


Since I live, work, and play in Frisco, I am easily accessible to our citizens. Through my professional networking and small business operations, I constantly hear the concerns and opinions of our residents and local business owners. My accessibility and day-to-day interaction with the citizens of Frisco helps me keep my finger on the pulse of the city.


Through my work on the technology committee, I advocated the introduction of live streaming our City Council meetings and new, more accessible communication methods such as social networking. I serve on many organizations and boards outside of Frisco City Council and I am always dedicated to being available and listening to our citizens.



Frisco residents have a great deal of civic pride and are passionate about the aesthetics of our community.  Our residents value landscape and trees, our dedication to taking advantage of natural resources, high building standards, public art, and more. This also conveys our responsibility to beautify needed infrastructure such as burying power lines and finding appropriate locations for transmission stations.


One of the biggest concerns I hear from our residents regarding our growth is the increase in traffic. I feel we can get cars off the road by creating more walk-able developments and focus on mixed-use developments where people can live where they work or walk to amenities and retail rather than always relying on their car.


I am also a proponent of leveraging technology as the future of traffic management. This includes improving tools we are already using such as managing stop light timing and unique road designs such as roundabouts, while also being on the leading edge of emerging technologies. The automobile industry will change dramatically over the next ten years with connected and self-driving technologies that will allow the city to tap into better controlled traffic flow. As a technology advocate, my goal is for Frisco to be the nation’s most technologically advanced city. Public private partnerships such as Uber, can be operated at a far lower cost, forever changing how people move about the city while actually providing a better service to our residents.



While the explosive growth over the last 15 years has brought many new projects, we need to be keenly aware that many of these projects will begin to age around the same time. We want to avoid some of the mistakes other cities have made after a quick rise, followed by a failure to age gracefully. As we build new parks and neighborhoods, we cannot forget about our aging amenities, parks, and infrastructure, and must always consider the need for reinvestment in our city.


I believe having a strong central core through Historic Downtown, and connecting that development, over the railroad tracks, with Frisco Square, will be an integral measurement toward long-term sustainability.


When I first ran for Frisco City Council in 2007, a main focus of mine was developing a long-term capital reserve fund to help with the aging parts of Frisco. Although I was told for years this would be an impossible feat without raising taxes, I remained committed to this effort, resulting in Frisco successfully raising over $10 million in capital reserve funds while consistently reducing our tax rate. This effort will help a future city council reinvest in our community without having to sell new debt.


With the sudden increase in population, keeping up with the demand for green space and ball fields has been a consistent concern I hear from our residents.  I was a champion of shifting our park philosophy from incorporating various types of fields at each master park to having each park incorporate a specialty use. This led to the decision of expanding the baseball fields at Bacchus rather than build them at a new park. By grouping assets, we generate more tax revenue from hosting local tournaments while creating a better experience for our families that have multiple children playing various sports.  In the past, a family like ours may have had three Saturday football games at three different fields in Frisco forcing parents to make difficult choices on which games they can attend and how to get everyone where they need to be.  By having NE Community Park specialize in football fields, all future games would be at the same location. This will continue to be the future model for Frisco parks master planning.


I am a proponent of always exploring opportunities for public-private partnerships to expand our park network. FC Dallas soccer fields, the Fieldhouse, and the PIT are great examples of how we can partner with private entities to bring great facilities to Frisco while also reducing the taxpayer burden for maintenance and operations. Residents benefit from the opportunity to access world-class facilities and training without the tax burden.


I am also passionate about promoting active lifestyles. In the past, I have been supportive of niche parks such as the Dog Park, the Skate Park, Hope Park, and the Bike Trail. These types of parks help bring our residents to a park they may have otherwise never utilized. Additionally, I am always looking for unique ways to incorporate our commercial developments into our park system and have always demanded it be added to our most recent Park Master Plan. This will help positively shape all future commercial developments.


I am passionate about preserving the dream and vision of Grand Park, something I feel should live up to its name. Showing the commitment of dedicating some of the city’s most valuable real estate as dynamic park space, will forever symbolize the heart of Frisco.  The lake, trails system, kids area, and green space for large events will be a valuable amenity for our residents and attract dynamic connections with the commercial corner.


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