Dallas Builders Association

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Dick and Linda Abernethy

Syeeda Amin

Thor and Ann Anderson

Tricia Andrews

David and Cris Aronoff

Bill and Stacy Atchison

Tom and Felecia Atkins

Aftab Azher

Kevin and Penny Baines

Alan and Maria Barnes

Casey and Shannon Barthels

Richard and Roxanne Barton

Melissa Baumann

Donna Beaupre

Clint Bedsole

Barbara Bellehumer

Zane and Shannon Benson

Casey and Lynn Bergman

Bob and Carol Besch

Scott and Kim Bible

Brian and Veronica Birkenstock

Stan Black

Jason & Stephanie Blackburn

Scott and Theresa Blackburn

Andy and Dena Boedeker

Chris and Christie Bone

Scott and Jennifer Booth

Terry and Sharon Born

Tim and Carrie Bourne

Jason and Heather Bowers

Rick and Lillie Brewer

Bryan Brickman

Liz Brown

Amy Brownlee

Keith Bryan

Romby Bryant

Shannon Bueter

Eddie Burns

Christine Cabrera

Wade and Erica Callendar

Jennifer Calvin

Carol Cannon

Kathy Cappasola

Paul and Tabitha Carlisle

Xan Carr

Lincoln and Kristine Carroll

Catherine Carter

Hayes and Paige Carter

Bryan and Melissa Causey

Scott and Michelle Cervanek

Steve and Shari Chancellor

Dolly Chatterjee

David Cheek

Jeff Cheney, Sr.

Richard Cheng

Aaron & Kelley Cherry

Paul Cheshire

AJ and Heather Chiniara

Bob and Debby Clark

Emily Clark

Tom and Cathleen Cochran

Cindy Coffin

Erich and Brittany Colberg

Jason and Melissa Cole

Jeff and Pam Coleman

Julie Colston

Steve Cone

Renilson and Rafael Corrente

Nate Couser

Kevin and Jennifer Cox

Chris and Lynn Cox

Ted Cox

David and Robin Craft

Phil and Kerrie Crimmins

Phil Crone

Chad Crosson

Ryan and Annie Cummings

Karen Cunningham

Craig and Karen Cunningham

Tracy Daniels

Gary and Lynda Davenport

Geoffrey and Julie Davis

Clay and Christal Davis

Andy and Angela Day

Brad and Jenny Dean

Brad and Shannon Dean

Matt and Kanya Deering

Marcel Deitrich

Tonja Demaret

Daren and Shannon Denniston

Scott and Beth Denson

Craig and Kristi Derrick

Mark and Mandy Detrick

Brian and Amy Devlin

Louis and Nikki DiBella

Jeff and Lara Dinkins

Bryan and Shaye Dodson

Jeff and Melanie Domen

Coleen Donovan

Rodney and Emily Doubt

Nathan and Julie Dunn

Valerie Edwards

Kristie Edwards

Jullin Egbuji

Jason and Judie Eggl

Wally and Niki Elibiary

Joyce Ellis

Erik and Elizabeth Emerson

Clark and Brittany Erickson

Mark and Carrie Ermence

Scott and Heather Etheredge

Scott and Jessica Everett

Phil and Karrie Evitt

Susan Fallon

Patric and Rayanna Farrell

Barbara Fasola

Joshua Fetrell

Bently Fitch

Rick and Janey Fletcher

John Fossez

Steve Foster Foster

Brandon Frakes

Andrew Frakes

Dave Frakes

Jason and Laura Freeman

Brad and Nicky Fryman

Tracy Gamble

Margaret Garcia

Dan and Robyne Gaudreau

Nahid and Farzana Giga

Jim and Ibby Gill

Frank and Abbey Giunta

Michael Gladwin

Adam and Ky Gressman

John and Elaina Gully

Shannon Gutierrez

Kevin and Amanda Hail

Jason and Kristin Hamilton

John and Betty Hamilton

Douglas and Ann Hans

Jason Harmon

Nikki Harper

Gabe Harris

Jeff and Emily Harrow

Russell and Pepsi Hawkins

Richard Hazelbaker

Sean Heatley

Brittany and Chance Henderson

Kristie Henderson

Barry Hensley

Denly and Donna Herbert II

Melissa Herndon

Matt and Amber Hester

Michael and Siiri Hill

Daniel and Carrie Himel

Janna Hinojosa

Michael and Jamie Hitchcock

Brad Holden

Bill and Jill Hornback

Melanie Horton

Robert and Amy Houck

Rosemarie House

Ashley House

Dean and Dana Hovind

Tao and Lan Huang

Mo Huda

Forrest and Erin Hudson

Elwin and Dana Hudson

Alvin Huerta

Brad and Laura Huff

Peter and Sarah Ianace

Rick and Massilene Jackson

Jay and Raechel Jackson

Sandra Jacobs

Rajeev Jain

Katrina Watland and Jay Woody

Janice Jefferson

Jennifer Jimenez

Kelly and Jennifer Johnson

Scott and Julia Johnson

Kimberly Johnson

Trent Johnson

Aaron and Wendi Johnston

Gary and Marilyn Johnston

Lisa Jolley Masquelier

Collin Jones

Hamlin Jones

Kevin Jones

Harlan and Alison Jones

Khaos Judkin

Jay and Chrissie Kaplan

Dan and Maria Karins

Luke and Carley Keiser

Steven and Mary Ann Kellam

Ed and Linda Kelly

Jon and Joselyne Kendall

Jason and Amy Kennedy

Mark and Leigh Kerin

Muhammad and Rubina Khan

Laila Khouri


Marlo King

Bryce and Trinette KirbyJeffrey Shine
Clark and Brittany Erickson
Trent Johnson
Steve and Shari Chancellor
Nate Couser
Dustin Paschal
Sheila Williamson
Larry D West
Jordan Knowles
Nikki Harper
Isaiah Rohas
Wilbert Odom Jr
Joshua Fetrell
Karen Cunningham
John and Betty Hamilton
Harlan and Alison Jones
Rajeev Jain
Renilson and Rafaela Corrente
Erine Shah

Sandy Koch

Cheri Komaiko

Vickie Krolikowski

Jack and Tonya LaBarbera

Ryan and Holly  Landry

Jim Lee

Mark and Lisa Lehman

David Levihn

Brent and Amber Libby

Dan and Marinell Lightfoot

Beth Lively

Thomas and Kathryn Lokar

Shelley  Long

Stacy Long-DeLa Cruz

Sean and Katherine Lovison

James and LaToya Lowery Lowery

Jill Luder

Jay and Sharon  Luft

Terry Madden

Ed Mahoney

Ana Maier

Justin and Janine Marshall

AE Marshall

Julie Martin

Christy Martin

Drew and Carrie  Martin

Michael and Kelli Matijasevic

Jason  Mattingly

Michael and Diana McDonald

Joey and Terri McElhaney

Linda McKean

Alicia  McKee

Brett and Jill McMillan

David and Judy McMullan

Kendra Kendall  McMurray

Eddie and Lu McNeil

Natalie McPhail

Robert Medigovich

Russ & Lorie Medina

Paul and Loni Mejia

Neil and Allyson  Mendel

Hec  Mendez

Leon and Gail Mendez

Mike and Shaye  Mercer

Jessica and Colin  Meyer

Tim Miller

Justin and Ashley Miller

Jeff and Mitzi Miller

Mohammad  Mobashirin

Craig and Jennifer Moen

Jason and Heather Money

Mahua Mookerji

Bob and Jennifer Morris Morris

Jeremy and Kim Motsinger

Jennifer Mueller

Brian and Cecila Murphy

Michael  Mussett

Maria Muth

Craig and Sandra Myers

Eric and Kim Nedderman

Haley  Nelson

Robert and Lanie Nessans

Dawn  Neufeld

Robbie and Rachael Nicholson

Dominic and Michelle Nuosce

Ryan & Angela O'Connor

Russell Ogelsby

Dusty Oglesby

Greg and Amy  Oneal

Matt and Penny Otwell Otwell

Gary and Liza Paparella

Angela  Patton

Kenda-Le  Pernin

Craig and Amy  Peters

Carolyn Peters

Jake and Katie Petras

Randy and Kristy Pitchford

Misty  Popst

Cyndi Poulter

J Michael and Krissa Price

Monique Pritchard

Josh and Kyla Prusak

Cory and Roxana Przelicki

Elle Pullman

Rogelio and Melissa Ramon

Juan and Maria  Rendon

Martin Rinker

Katie Rivera

Bobby Roberti

Ronda Roberts

Jonathan Roberts

Tom Robertson

Jordan Rogers

Howard Rose

Al & Sherry Rowland

Chad and Amy Rudy

Warren & Kathy Ruiz

Glynda Brooke Ruiz

Keith Rummel

Mike and Kathy Ryalls

Loren Sauer

Christine Schagren

Aaron  Schramm

Kevin & Lori Seelman

Donna Segars

Andrew Shaddock

Bill Shaddock

William Shaddock

Pragnesh and Bela Shah

Jeffrey Shine

Mary-Kay Sheahan

Swati Shah

Thomas Clancy Shannon

Suruchi Sharma

Paul and Julie Simon

Quincy Sinkler

Eric and Michelle Sinner

Lynn Slaney Silguero

Rod and Taura Smith

Michelle  Smith

Shane Smith

Jillian Smith

Kevin  Smith

Peter  Smith

Matt & Julie Smith

Scott and Amy Snedaker Snedaker

Jeanie Song

Steve  South

Charlie Spiegel

Cole  Squiers

Brant and Pam Stacey

Mike and Cindy Steffani

Jennifer Stephenson

Christi Stevens

Joe and Lisa Storey

Brent and Erin Streetman

Dave & Lori Strubbe

Amy Stubblefield

Shelly Sullivan

Tim and Kate Tatarowicz

Tom & Stacy Thiele

Monesa and Matt  Thomas

Carson and Jenni Thomas

Tim and Ashlee  Troop

Dee Dee Trosclair

Doug & Barbara Trumbull

John and Liz Turbidy

Tammi Tysell

Laura Upton

Marco and Crystal Ugge

Chris and Sarah Vacek

Tim and Shannon Vainer

Pat  Velasquez

Jason & Rachel Venn

Cyndy  Wagner

Jake and Kathleen Walsh

Jack and Kristen Weber

Tony and Wendie Wehner

Michelle  Weisbein

Mike and Kim Wells

Steve Wentz

Brian and Kim White

Christina White

Angel Whitmire

Alecia Wiegend

Dave Wilcox

Luke & Nadia Wiler

Mark and Katy Williamson

Gavin and Margaret  Wilson

Dave and Phyllis Wilson

Dudley and Fran Wilson

Debra Wood

Bill and Laura Woodard

Craig and Liz Yaksick

Kim Yarbough

Terry and Janice Younger

Sally Zaharovitz

Fredrick and Kacy Zeeck


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