Frisco City Council Member, Scott Johnson

Endorses Jeff Cheney for Mayor

About Jeff

It was Jeff's privilege to serve with Scott Johnson on City Council, and to share his support now.


"I had the opportunity to serve with Jeff for 8 years, and when he termed out, I remember thinking it was a sad day for Frisco: to not have the leadership and guidance of Jeff Cheney in the room.


In Jeff Cheney, the voters of Frisco have a unique opportunity to set the course for the future of Frisco. He has the intellect, the character, the courage, the integrity, and the ability to be the face of Frisco – to represent our city from constituent meetings to CEO pitches.


We have a lot of work ahead of us. There is no one else that could run who is more suited to the challenges ahead then Jeff. In him, you have someone that loves this city more than you can possibly fathom. I’m honored to support Jeff Cheney for Mayor."

Frisco ISD Trustee, Chad Rudy

Endorses Jeff Cheney for Mayor

Dana and I knew when we first met Chad Rudy that he would go on to do great things in our community. He gives tirelessly to Frisco and Frisco ISD and it's an honor to have him at my side in this campaign.


"When Jeff called me and asked if I would speak about my support for his race for Mayor, Amy and I did not hesitate. There are some people for whom service to others is not just what they do, it's who they are... that is Jeff Cheney. I'm proud to know him as a civic leader, a parent, a kids' coach, and a friend... and I'm proud to support Jeff Cheney for Frisco Mayor."


Chad Rudy, Frisco ISD Trustee

Frisco City Council Member, Bill Woodard

Endorses Jeff Cheney for Mayor

Working with Bill Woodard over the last few years on city issues has been my privilege. I'm honored to share his statement of support with Frisco voters.


"Jeff Cheney has unparalleled expertise in the issues that are the most pressing for Frisco's future. His experience, and thoughtful attention to detail have proven themselves again and again -- I saw it first-hand during my 6 years on Frisco's planning and zoning commission.


Jeff's real estate background has uniquely equipped him to work with developers to bring stronger, better projects to the table for Frisco. And he stands alone in his commitment to reduce density and improve the caliber of residential and commercial projects. As the Chair of P&Z, I knew that our commission could always rely on him to stand firmly against proposals that 'sold out' Frisco's long-term vision for a short-term profit.


As a finance professional myself, I appreciate and respect Jeff's graduate-level education, and certification as a public accountant and investment advisor. As a CPA, he has taken an oath as a fiduciary, and is legally bound to put the interests of others before his own. I have seen Jeff Cheney live this value time and time again, in word and deed.


While I appreciate his opponent's history of service to the city, I feel certain that Jeff Cheney has what Frisco needs to continue moving forward as a leader in the region and nation. Laura and I are proud to endorse Jeff Cheney for Frisco Mayor."


Frisco ISD Trustee, Bryan Dodson

Endorses Jeff Cheney for Mayor

Bryan Dodson, current vice president of the FISD Board of Trustees and former City of Frisco planning and zoning commissioner, recalls the story of how he phoned all elected officials when he first moved to Frisco... and Jeff was the only one to return his call. The relationship built that day launched Bryan's community service for Frisco and today they remain great friends and colleagues. The Cheney campaign is proud to share Bryan Dodson's endorsement.

Collin County Association of Realtors Endorses Jeff Cheney

FRISCO, TEXAS – March 30, 2017 – The Cheney Campaign is pleased to announce that after an extensive vetting and interview process, the Collin County Association of Realtors has endorsed Jeff Cheney for Frisco Mayor.


The leading North Texas association for small business owners and residential real estate professionals, CCAR has an active Government Affairs team and is affiliated with the Texas Association of REALTORS®.


“I’m proud to be so aligned with the commitment of CCAR—to advocate for tax relief, against eminent domain, and for common-sense laws that improve the lives of hard-working Texas property owners. My history as an advocate for and partner to residential homeowners is beyond reproach, and I will continue that vision as the next Mayor of Frisco,” said Cheney.


Additionally, the Dallas Builders Association, established in 1944 as an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), with a seven-county jurisdiction including Collin and Denton Counties, endorsed Jeff Cheney after a candidate review process.


Jeff Cheney is lead broker at The Cheney Group, recently named one of the Top 125 Keller Williams teams in the United States, and was recognized as 2015 Small Business of the Year by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. Cheney, 41, served three consecutive terms on Frisco City Council, with five terms as Mayor Pro Tem or Deputy Mayor Pro Tem. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from University of Texas-Austin.


The Frisco City Council election will take place on May 6, with early voting beginning on April 24, 2017.



I am the mayoral candidate with the right vision for the future of Frisco with a focus on quality over quantity of developments to maximize open space and minimize density.  I want to build a City of Excellence and a return of focus to quality of life components like ample parks, unique retail, world class facilities, and a high standard of living.


The Walmart being built on Stonebrook & 423 has become a heated campaign issue.  The Walmart is actually emblematic of this mayoral race.  From the beginning, I didn’t support the Walmart development.  It goes against my vision of Frisco.  We don’t need big box retailers in the middle of our city across from and backing up to major residential neighborhoods, especially when adjacent to creeks and parks.  The corner at Stonebrook and 423 had such great potential.  And here lies the main difference between me and my opponent.  I want the uniquely-designed developments connected with open space, my opponent welcomes all development including big box retailers.  The end result is I didn’t support it and my opponent voted for it.


With only 9 days left in this election, unfortunately my opponent’s message has been comprised of personal attacks.  The most recent one is surrounding the Walmart.  The voters clearly didn’t want the Walmart and now my opponent is trying to shift the message from him voting for it to negative attacks against me.  He is making ridiculous claims attempting to make great soundbites.


I was honored to be asked to serve on the Board of Quest when they went public.  It was an extraordinary learning opportunity and an experience that will serve me well in the role of Mayor.  I made my affiliation well known in the public, turning conflict disclosure forms on February 4, 2014, July 15, 2014, December 2, 2014, and February 5, 2015.  What my opponent failed to disclose was December 2 was the date of the regular agenda item where City Council voted on the matter.  I publicly disclosed my conflict (see video link below) and properly filed my paperwork with the City Secretary (see attached).  In addition, I made many verbal disclosures at City Council meetings and removed myself from the Frisco Square Municipal District Board since Quest was leasing space in Frisco Square.


My opponent falsely claimed I was paid $1.56 million..... READ FULL STORY



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